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Flavor & Fragrance Solutions
Spectra works with companies who want to get the most out of their flavor and fragrance systems and with product development teams who need to get products to market faster and more profitably, or to fix product problems quickly.

We work closely with clients to help them:
  • Guide/direct flavor selection in during product development phase
  • Isolate and resolve product issues (off-flavor, off aroma, poor shelf life)
  • Interface between suppliers and manufacturers to optimize your supplier selection and cost basis while minimizing technical issues with product startup and finished product shelf-life
The world of flavor and fragrance is confusing for many consumer products companies. Issues with flavors and fragrances are different from most raw materials because:
  • There has been no commodity basis for understanding cost drivers
  • Flavor compatibility with the finished product is poorly understood and mismatched
  • Flavor changes over time are not anticipated
  • Changes in time/intensity flavor release profile due to a change in of manufacturing process are not understood
  • Changes in manufacturing platforms can alter flavor profile in unexpected ways

We understand and can help resolve these issues. Our experience, working in consumer products and flavor/fragrance industries, combined with our expertise in food and flavor chemistry provides invaluable insight to help you make better financial and technical product decisions.

Spectra has a full complement of state of the art laboratory equipment available for flavor and fragrance analytical work, including gas chromatography (GC), GC-Olfactometry, GC-Mass Spectrometry, artificial mouth and real-time MS analysis of flavor release (PRT-MS), fraction collector for injection made by gas chromatographyHigh Performance Liquid Chromatography. Project management work can be done on and off-site.

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